Author: Three Brothers Blooms

Encased in roses…

Living on the far end of an island brings with it an incredible amount of serenity and privacy. It also lends to an incredible amount of fauna. The deer are plentiful and it is not uncommon to have a few bedding down for weeks at a time just beyond the blackberry brambles, pines and cedars Read More

The ten annuals we will always grow

One of my favorite things about growing flowers is the planning. The process feels limitless, full of hope and opportunity, and it inspires me to push my imagination and creativity even further than I did the season previous. Our little farm has evolved substantially over the past few years, specifically to include more perennials and Read More

The underrated iris…

We all have our favorites.  Some maintain consistently and others are subject to rotation as our palette evolves.  For the 2023 growing season, these are the standouts that I cannot wait to see return next year.     ‘Despacito‘ Bred by :  Robin Shadlow This is a dwarf bearded iris. So if you are tight Read More

It’s raining daffodils…

April in the Pacific Northwest is a fickle month with the weather splashing about like a cup of water in a toddler’s hand. A sunny 65 degree afternoon is no more uncommon than a hail storm followed by snowfall. The only guaranteed weather is the ever persistent rain and the high winds ushering it to Read More

Our intentions for the 2023 growing season

Thank you for being here. Whether you are an ongoing customer, a flower lover, a fellow grower or an artist looking for inspiration, there is so much gratitude in my heart for your support. 2023 is going to look a bit different than our previous seasons and here is why. When I first started our Read More

Starting Pansies

Pansies and Violas. I passionately adore them. I keep vases full of them around my home all year and tuck them into every bouquet I can at my markets. As with any flowers, I encourage you to do what works best for you when starting them. Starting environment and an appropriate climate are vital to how flowers Read More

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