2023 In-Person Tuber Sale

Each season, we carefully work to hone the varieties of dahlias we grow. We have been graciously supplied with some of the most beautiful and hard to find dahlias over the years and we love being able to showcase them throughout the season in our bouquets. As we always have more tubers than we need Read More

Starting Pansies

Pansies and Violas. I passionately adore them. I keep vases full of them around my home all year and tuck them into every bouquet I can at my markets. As with any flowers, I encourage you to do what works best for you when starting them. It may be this way, it may be another way. Read More

Pansy perfection

We have become obsessed with pansies these past couple years and are working to grow even more varieties with a primary focus on long stems. We will be working for the next several seasons on trialing the varieties that show the most promise in stem length, color, petal shape and fragrance. It is a slow Read More

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