Dahlia Tuber Sale

As we are downsizing our dahlia field to make room for other flowers, we will be selling many of our favorite tubers at an in-person sale on April 18th at Happy Hollow Farms. We will be taking all precautions for covid safety and masks will be required. This is a great opportunity to pick some hard to find varieties without any shipping fees.

Below is a list of the varieties we plan to have available. We look forward to seeing you there!


-As a small farm, some quantities are very limited and all will be sold on a first come basis.

-These varieties are subject to change, depending on tuber quality at the time of sale.

-We are not shipping any tubers at this time, thank you for your understanding.

-We will only sell tubers that have verified eyes and that we would plant in our own field.

A la Mode7
Andy’s Legacy12
Arabian Night7
Babylon Bronze9
Barbarry Gem8
Belle of Barmera10
Bernadette Castro8
BJ’s Dusty Rose8
Black Magic8
Black Narcissus7
Black Satin6
Blah Blah Blah10
Bloomquist Pumpkin8
Bracken Palomino9
Bracken Sarah8
Break Out10
Brown Sugar8
Bumble Rumble10
Cafe Au Lait12
Camano Buz7
Castle Drive15
Charlotte Mae8
Chilson’s Pride6
Chimacum Nadjae7
Citron Du Cap9
Clearview Butterscotch8
Clearview Peachy12
Connecticut Coral10
Cornel Bronze7
Craig Charles10
Creve Couer10
Crichton Honey9
Crossfield Ebony6
David Howard7
Day Dreamer8
Diana’s Memory9
Double Trouble7
Fernciff Copper9
Fidalgo Knight8
Gabrielle Marie6
Gerrie Hoek8
Ginger Snap8
Ginger Willo7
Golden Sceptor7
Hollyhill Black Widow8
Hollyhill Golden Boy9
Hy Patti8
Hy Suntan7
Ice Tea7
Jowey Ingrid10
Jowey Nicky7
Jowey Winnie10
Karma Chocolate10
Knight Hawk8
Koko Puff7
Lakeview Lucky9
Lakeview Peachfuzz10
Larks Ebbe9
Linda’s baby10
Lyn’s Brooke7
Midnight Moon7
Miss Amara9
Mission Gypsy9
Moor Place7
Ms Zelda6
My Forever18
Mystery Pink #26
Mystery Raspberry8
Nuit D’Ete8
Peaches N Cream12
Penhill Watermelon9
Punkin Spice7
Rip CIty8
Sam Hopkins8
Sandia Brocade9
Seedling #26
Senior’s Hope8
Sherwood’s Peach12
Sierra Glow10
Snoho Doris8
Sonic Bloom6
Sweet Natalie12
Tahoma Velvet12
Tam Tam9
Valley Rust Bucket8
Valley Tawny11
Verrone’s Socrates6
Willie Willie7

Dahlia adoration

We planted over 500 dahlias this year and they are absolutely stunning. Some were mystery tubers gifted from dear friends and a few were mislabeled, so there were quite a few surprises. We will have limited dahlia tubers for sale * in person only* at Happy Hollow Farms in early spring of 2021. If you are interested, send us an email and we will put you on our update list. Please accept our apologies that we are not able to ship any tubers.

More roses, please

We have been putting in rose after rose and I still can’t seem to get enough of them. Here are some of the stunning varieties that will be featured in our bouquets throughout the year.

Pansy perfection

We have become obsessed with pansies this year and are working on growing more varieties with longer stems. This year our stems reached over 15″. Can’t wait to see how many more varieties we can grow with long stems fit for our bouquets.


We were so smitten with the ranunculuses this year, we are already looking forward to 2021.


.Our tulips are in bloom, we offer several very beautiful and hard to find varieties. Send us a request if interested and we can let you know what is available.

Sweet Jars of Daffodils

The Narcissus are almost done blooming and we have sold what little we have left. We will be sure to plant many more bulbs this fall. Thank you for all the support.

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